About Trova Imports


Blake Smith grew up on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Since he was three years old, his
parents would take him to Horn Island. As a teenager, Blake remembers looking south
along the horizon and dreaming about the lives and adventures across the Gulf of
Mexico. In his early 20s he discovered Merida, Yucatan.
Trova was started in 2005 when Blake Smith, founder, loaded his 1976 Volkswagen bus
with the bare essentials and drove from Austin, Texas to Merida, Yucatan. In his initial
trip, he hit a buzzard in Veracruz, broke the accelerator cable in Tampico, and met the
beautiful Mayan people on "The Peninsula" who shared their 3,000 year old tradition
of hammock weaving.
Over several weeks of establishing relationships with families and business
professionals Blake partnered with a local business owner, Constantino Uraiz "Const",
and started an international co-op that provides income for over 300 families weaving
hammocks. Afterwards, he loaded his bus with hammocks and headed back to Austin.
It was the 1rst time customs had seen a Volkswagen bus go through the X-ray machine
in the midst of 18-wheelers. This was just the beginning of the story for Trova. Since
then, Trova has been on more adventures and met more beautiful artisans who need
help getting their product to the international market.
Trova is dedicated to sharing experiences of indigenous communities in Latin America
through craftsmanship and quality of handmade products. We hope to help preserve
the art, culture and traditions by preserving the dexterity of hand-made products of
indigenous communities. Our desire is to provide the most comfortable and beautiful
products possible with 5 star customer service.
Thank you for your support while Trova grows and small communities in Latin America



Blake Smith